"Your name was just brought up in our staff meeting, everyone was 'ahh, so nice.' and 'we love Brennan' and then I looked good because I had hired you. THANK YOU." -- Jane Brien, Director of Alumni/ae Affairs, Bard College

"I should be asking for your autograph!" -- Queen Latifah, actress and musician

"I don't think I've ever enjoyed a photo session before, Brennan. Thanks for making it so lively." -- Julie Lasky, former EIC of I.D. Magazine and DE of The New York Times Home section

"AMAZING! no one else could have made those shots. I love this shoot, you totally got us." -- Bradford Reed of Blue Man Group, OHM Slice, and Anthems From The Void

"OMG how exciting...Thank you for best photo shoot ever."-- Liza Featherstone, journalist and writer, freelance and The Nation, focused on labor rights.

"You are very easy to work with." -- Robert Pollard, lead singer of Guided By Voices

"My favorite photographer!" -- Elaine Kaufman, former owner of Elaine's Restaurant

"What wonderful pictures! I cannot believe how lucky I am to have these. Thank you so much..." -- John Adams, former president of the Natural Resources Defense Council

"Brennan precedes his camera..." -- Théodros T., politcal activist and artist

"Brennan's pictures are a cross between Caravaggio and Robert Frank." -- Reverend Billy Talen, theatrical political activist

"We liked that picture so much we got the band back together!" -- Austin Hughes, of M. Shanghai String Band and The Poor Things

"Brennan was soooo the right choice for this! Not just his (obvious) skill and acumen, but his spirit: so many of these photos are filled with the joy of the moment because that's exactly what he was looking to capture. And his constant smile and effervescent personality no doubt contributed to the moments he managed to capture for posterity. Five stars - highest rating..." -- Cornell Green, Stuyvesant High School Class of 1977


Since I got my first childhood Kodak Instamatic camera I've been interested in photographing the action and people around me, making portraits of my neighborhood friends and pets. Growing up in Western Massachusetts, as a teen, he took his first photo course and shot as part of the yearbook staff, spending many extracurricular hours in the darkroom. As a junior in high school he entered The Photographer's Forum Best of College Photography Annual contest and was awarded as a Finalist, resulting in his first national publication of an image. He was accepted into the photography program at Bard College with Stephen Shore and Ben Lifson where he twice received the grade of Honors; this led to an invitation by Bard president Leon Botstein to tutor his au pair in beginning photography. In forming the Bard Photography Club he sought funds from the college to bring photographers (Nan Goldin, William Christenberry) to speak to students and bought collections of educational prints for the college. Several years after getting his BA in photography from Bard and looking towards getting into assignment work Brennan camera-assisted and printed for the photographers Mark Seliger, Dan Winters, and Mary Ellen Mark among others, to learn the daily business of high pressure photography and portraiture from the inside . He then embarked on his own career and began building his own voice, approach, client base, and portfolio. Since then his photography has been printed in magazines, books, and on record jackets, shown in multinational ad campaigns, and hung in galleries and private clients' walls. He lives, works, and plays in New York City.

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(Photograph by Catherine Talese)